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WELCOME to the FUTURE of Real Estate

The REALTORS That GIVE You the same FULL Service, for LESS!

Potentially Saving you THOUSANDS in the process!


Click the MLS Link below.  We give you direct access to the MLS at no charge, for FREE!  Take you time, find the home of your dreams...and then CALL us!



Buy with us and we will GIVE you 1% back of the purchase price towards your closing!  Similarly if you are BUYING a home with a value of $500,000 or more we will take it one step further and SPLIT the commission towards closing.



You want a FULL Service listing from a professional real estate agent but at a LOW comission?  Then look no further, 1 Percent Guys is the team you want!  We provide you a full real estate service at a discount commission rate of ONLY 1% of your asking price and a 2.5% commission that goes to the real estate agent that represents the Buyer, so for 3.5% we could potentially save you THOUSANDS!


We are fully licensed real estate agents & members of ORRA (Orlando Regional Realtor Association). This enables us to fully market your property and utilize the internet and social media to sell your home.  Our team provides the same FULL real estate services you would get from the 'other guys' but at a fraction of the price.  We are so confident in our services that we do not lock you into your listing contract.  If for any reason you are not satifisfied with our services we will discontinue our listing agreement at any time with no additional fees.  Most companies require you to sign a 6 month to a YEAR contract with termination fees additional!  


"You don't get LESS, you just PAY less!"

You really have nothing to lose and SAVINGS to gain!


If you have any questions please see the saving examples below, call us at (407)487-3177, or email us at TJ@1PercentGuys.com.



Simply put, we are willing to do the same for less.  By using us we increase your buying and selling power allowing you more room to negotiate with others interested in similar or your properties, without feeling like your overpaying! 

Example of Your Future Savings:

T. James Agosto - 1 Percent Guys

Serving Orlando and Central Florida

Phone: 407-487-3177

E-mail Address: TJ@1PercentGuys.com


O2E Kitchen Cabinets

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